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Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri’s Castech PU casting machines meter and mix hot-cast elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams. 
Keene Village Plastics, a supplier of plastic filament for 3-D printing, has introduced Slant reusable filament spools. 
Using a unique oscillating movement to prevent pellets from bouncing, Trendelkamp’s Masterbatch Classifier series of pellet classifiers can efficiently classify a variety of sizes and shapes. 
This status indicator plate device from Meusburger is used to indicate the status of injection molds and can be installed by the mold maker or retrofitted later.
Gneuss' new line of melt-pressure transducers can be used in extruders, screen changers, melt pumps and other plastics processing equipment.
Nike \ Roshe Run Run Roshe FB \ 791140b
With the new Visual Inspect app for iPads, Faro has expanded its portfolio of quality-assurance tools that can be used by plastics processors, as well as mold makers, to check the contours of parts and components.